Remove the cholesterol from the heart of your car

Here at Stan Reynolds Garage we have recently invested in a new and unique machine purposely engineered to decontaminate both petrol and diesel engines.

It is an Engine Decontamination Treatment – Think of it as removing the cholesterol from the heart of your car.

Proven benefits are:

  • Drastically reduces the exhaust emissions
  • Increases your miles per gallon
  • Reduces the engines internal friction allowing smoother running
  • Prolongs the engine life
  • Allows the oil to flow around the engine more efficiently
  • Nothing else like this exists, apart from a manual engine strip

This treatment has been tested and developed for 20 years in 50 countries with over 1,000,000 treatments completed worldwide.

We are the only garage in the Birmingham area to offer this service at the moment.

It can be carried out alongside your annual service or can be done as a standalone treatment. Give us a call and our qualified technicians will be happy to explain more or click here to read some of the testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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