What our customers have to say

” It felt like i was driving a new car after having this treatment. the engine felt tighter, the car was so much more responsive. i had a slight engine rattle, which has now disappeared. i am telling my friends to get this done too. “

” I am really pleased i had the EDT treatment done on my BMW. The car is so much more responsive. The gear selection is so much smoother. I have recommended this treatment to my friends. “

” I am really glad i had the treatment on my car. It runs so much quieter and smoother now. A pleasure to drive. “

” I am over the moon with my car since having the EDT treatment. Is is more responsive and so quieter, i almost think the engine has stopped. “

” I noticed a difference straight away upon starting my engine. It was so much quieter. i took my van straight out on a hilly journey and the vehicle was so responsive. It drives smoother. Brilliant treatment. “

” Since having the EDT treatment on my company’s Sprinter i have noticed it runs so much smoother and i no longer have the problem with the exhaust. “

” I am impressed with the increase in mpg i am getting following my EDT treatment. “

” It’s like the car has blown it’s nose, it has refreshed the car, pleased with treatment. “

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